Flipkart big dhamaka sale is live, and how many of you have added items to your cart?? Well, this is the biggest sale of the year but do you guys know that not everything is verified over the platform, and there are chances that unknown brands can infringe the rights of the branded products? Well, what can we say, in the present scenario when everything has to be online, and people want to buy products with good offers and promotions, these things are bound to happen!!

Flipkart is one of the popular e-commerce where you can get anything and everything under the sun. It provides you with high-end brands to low-end brands, and based on your preferences; you can choose. With ample advantages comes the biggest disadvantage of not knowing the authenticity of the brands. There are chances that confusion may arise, and third-party sellers might infringe on your rights. But Flipkart has come up with the concept of brand registry, where brand owners can register their brand on Flipkart and stay protected. 

To register your brand on Flipkart, there are certain things one must remember. Every process is defined, and we are here to throw some light on it. 


Brand registry is a platform on Flipkart where sellers can upload their brand and products for selling on the Flipkart platform. Registration of brand registry is vital when selling the Flipkart platform. You are required to get product and brand approvals, without which you will not be allowed to sell on the platform. Brand Registry is required to improve the marketing and quality of your product. The brand registry helps you protect your intellectual property and create an accurate and trusted experience for customers. The main purpose of registering the brand is to protect and build the brand of a product and create a better experience for customers. Once your brand is registered, Flipkart gives you several ways to grow your sales.


As the registered brand, the brand will be protected by Flipkart. Flipkart may consider you for brand rating where brand owners can reject the other sellers from selling the fake products. Barcode Registration can be crucial and practical decision and an excellent solution for cost-saving and time-saving.


There are some important eligibilities for the Flipkart brand registry in India: -

  1. Review eligibility requirements- Your brand must have an active registered trademark. The trademark of your brand should be in the form of an image-based mark with words, letters, or numbers. They have different classifications, which are based on the trademark.
  2. Sign in to Flipkart brand registry
  3. Enroll your brand: It is mandatory to have an active registered trademark.


  • Logo & brand name
  • Product image & its MRP
  • All sides images of product
  • Trademark certificate
  • Brand authorization letter (from the tobrand owner)
  • Copy of invoice (purchase bill) (for retailers)
  • Copy of Category-specific government license (E.g., FSSAI)
  • Purchase bill of raw materials (for a manufacturer)



Here we have some mandatory things to get approved on Flipkart like Brand tag, Brand logo, Brand packaging, and Brand authorization letter. 

  1. BRAND LOGO: The brand logo represents the company’s name and identity. The consumer will mainly focus on the logo of the brand while buying the product to ensure that the products brought are authentic. If the company’s brand logo is unique and not similar to another brand, the brand will cover and impress the customers.

Things to remember while designing a brand logo: -

  • ATTENTION OF PEOPLE: When you want to get attention from customers, the brand logo is the first step to moving on.
  • FIRST IMPRESSION SHOULD BE STRONG: When you introduce your brand that is uniquely designed, it creates a strong impression in the minds of the consumers. A unique brand logo will give them a curiosity to know more about the brand. It helps the company to build trust among the customers.
  • INCREASES BRAND LOYALTY: When a company provides a good quality of product to the customer, a customer will purchase the product again, so if the company logo is attracted among customers in the market. It will help a company to bring the customers again and again.
  • BRAND TAG: A brand tag includes a barcode, place of manufacturing, MRP, and other requisite details. We can find the tag on clothing, shopping on it. It’s very important to ensure the details of the product are given accurately to avoid any miscommunications.
  • BRAND PACKAGING: Packaging of the product is one of the basic requirements to be addressed while designing a product. It helps build the brand visibility and viability among the customers, which supports branding. Some of the companies promote their trademark with their packaging.


There are two sets of processes brand and available for brand registration of Flipkart. It can be categorized as pre-approved brand registration and New Brand Registration. The procedure is the same; the difference can be analyzed in documents required to be submitted. To know more, contact our IP Experts:


Pre- Approved Brand and Restricted Category Approval:  

  • Log into your Flipkart seller account. 
  •  Click my listings right under the listings tab- add a new listing and click on add single listing.
  • Select Product Category.
  • Select Brand- click on check brand.
  • Apply for brand Approval.

For Brand Approval, the seller is required to fill the form with requisite details like brand name, brand logo, website link, MRP tags, Trademark certificate, brand authorization letter. 

Now all you have to do is wait for the brand approval, which usually takes 48 hours. You will be intimated via email

Physical Audit: 

The next step after the brand approval request is a mandatory physical audit by Flipkart. This audit will decide whether the seller is permitted to sell the requested brand or not. Flipkart needs to ensure that the seller is doing a legit business by following all legal and business guidelines to sell in the requested category, so the auditor performs a physical check of the seller’s premises.

Please note that: Audit will not be conducted for all the products but for selected ones based on the discretion of the Flipkart authorities. 

The Audit Process: 

  • Seller initiates approval for their specific category.
  • The auditor/quality champion visits the seller’s premises.
  • They perform a check as per Flipkart standard requirements.
  • These audit results are published in my Audit section under the listings

The Audit Outcome: 

  • If you pass the final audit process then, you will be able to sell in the requested brand/category.
  • In case if you fail the audit process, you can check for the reasons under my audit section, make them rectified, and apply again.
  • If you repeatedly fail the audit process, you have to contact Flipkart customer service, and they will explain the exact reason you fail along with what needs to be done to pass the audit process.

Key Points to remember: 

  1. The process becomes easy if you have all your documents in place.
  2. Understand the legal complexities and make sure all the requisites are correctly followed.
  3. Make sure your licenses are up to date so that your brand gets approved in the first attempt itself.
  4. Ensure no discrepancies in the details filled and proofs attached.
  5. Be legally strong and take help from IP Experts so that duplication of work is avoided. 

For assistance on TRADEMARK REGISTRATION and brand approval strategies, 

contact our IP Experts today.



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