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Title Search & Report

A Title Search of a Property is important because it reveals if there are any defects in the title to the property. The title search report includes any property when a preliminary report is requested. With the preliminary report it will show the legal description of the property, the current owner’s name, all underlying encumbrances, liens, judgments, deeds, and any other underlying matters, such as Easements, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) and Agreements which affect and run with the land.

Some common agreements which run with the land include: view easement or covenants; height restrictions; building limitations; encroachment issues such as fence lines, gardens, and even swimming pools crossing property lines; water well sharing; parking, road maintenance; shared driveway; solar panels; and noise.

We perform title search and provide legal opinion to real estate investors, companies, banks, mortgage companies and home owners. The title scrutiny widely covers the following:-

-Ownership Structure
Report on ownership structure, joint tenants, individual, corporate, tenants in common, etc..

-Deed Copy
The most recent deeds are made available duly certified

-Document Book and Page
Written location of the documents, showing book and page or document number

-Legal Description
Description of the property in legal parlance

-Chain of Documents
Details of previous owners of the property with chain documents

Actual Possession of the property

-Right of Way
A Right of Way may have been issued to allow use by another party

Recorded leases can affect the ownership and use of property

-Mortgage Search
Details of mortgage lender, amount of mortgage and date

-Equity Loan Search
Report of equity loans against the property

-Tax Payment Search
Details of tax payment in relation to the property

-Foreclosure Search
Report of foreclosure status, listing any pending litigation, notice of default, etc

-Bankruptcy Search
Reporting the bankruptcy of the owner of the property

-Civil Court Record Search
Report of civil court records found to be recorded against the land records of the property

-Tax Lien Search
Title search for tax lien encumbrances on the property

-Municipal Services Lien Search
Report of Dues of Unpaid Municipal Services such as Utilities, Water, Sewer, Trash, etc..

-Property Restriction
Reporting of restrictions on sale like sale in case of a minor etc..

-Spousal Support Lien Search
Encumbrances for delinquencies of spousal support, alimony or other court required payments

-Child Support Lien Search
Searches for liens of delinquent child support payments

-Treasury Lien Search
Check for unpaid Sales Tax, employment taxes, state licenses, etc..

-State Tax Search
Check for unpaid Sales Tax, employment taxes, state licenses, etc..

-Property Zoning
Zone under which the Property is located like Ecological Zone, Flood Zone, Earthquake Zone, Volcanic Belt, etc