Other Regn. Services

An incorporation of business does not end upon registration and activation, but grows and thrives on various set of central and state approvals, To actually commence a business, there is an inclusive set of registrations required across various departments. We at Unimarks have the business start-up domain expertise assisting hundreds of individuals and organisations in resolving their start-up hiccups. We assist our clients for a progressive legal formalities and compliance mandates. Unimarks provides entrepreneurs an one-stop solutions where they can secure their assets and legalise their business.

Key to starting or establishing a business

· Incorporation

· Licenses and Certification

· Registration of Business name

· Intellectual Property Protection and Enforcement

· Taxation Compliance

· Legal Compliance

· Local Labour Act Registration and Compliance

· Awareness of Standard and Codes of Practice

· Setting up record keeping & accounting systems

· Assistance in Financial and Investment resolutions

· ISO Standard Certification and Compliance