The art of litigation is a blend substantive and procedural laws along with a well-established system of judicial enforcement of rights.  Indian Law provides an elaborate mechanism for grievance redressal under various statutes. The hierarchy of courts and tribunals has been set up with three tier system of judiciary, which includes District Courts, at the first tier, comprising judges for adjudicating upon civil disputes and criminal cases at the lowest level. At the second tier, each state in India has a High Court which has the appellate and supervisory jurisdiction over all the courts and tribunals in such state. The Supreme Court of India  which is at the third tier, is the highest court of justice in India having appellate and supervisory jurisdiction over High Courts of all the states. Our litigation team focuses and represents our clients in all kinds of legal matters relating all kinds of disputes arising out of its legal interest.

We at Unimarks and Legal Solutions takes up and conducts, for and, against cases, which may pertain to any type of Property disputes throughout India under any Laws prevailing in India. Our firm takes up disputes pertaining to Recovery and possession of the Property, Partition of Property, any dispute pertaining to Ancestral Property, HUF Properties and other disputes or Required legal Assistance needed by our Clients regarding their Properties throughout India as per the Indian Laws. Moreover, our experts specialize to save our clients’ interest in Purchasing Properties or Lands throughout India. In addition, our legal professionals prepare agreements pertaining to Sale or Purchase of Land or Property, Lease Deeds, Joint Venture or Collaboration Agreement.

We also represent owners, developers, secured lenders, loan participants, government bodies, bondholders, borrowers, landlords, tenants. We work closely with our clients and identify their objectives and assist in formulating strategic and tactical objectives, and provide clear, proactive and practical advice.

We represent our clients in disputes involving:-

  • Purchase or sale contracts including acquisition, specific performance and other fraud/mistake claims
  • Mortgage on secured loans including foreclosure, receivership, guaranty enforcement and disbursement issues, as well as lender liability and bad faith claims
  • Loan participations and other co-ownership arrangements, including inter-creditor agreement and agent disputes
  • Public financing of, and public-private partnerships relating to, infrastructure, low-income housing, and other governmentally supported projects
  • Management and operating agreements, including resort, hotel and shopping center operator issues, as well as common area maintenance and other reconciliation issues
  • Ownership structures and Title matters
  • Commercial leases, including eviction and forcible ejectment actions
  • Major construction disputes, including subsidence, excavation, general contractor and subcontractor disputes
  • Labour and employment matters

This multidisciplinary approach and broad experience translates into efficient and highly effective handling of clients’ real estate issues and disputes before, during, and after they result in litigation or other formal dispute resolution.

We also assist our clients in interpretation of leases, covenant enforcement, tenant renewals, rent review, notices, easement and covenant disputes, service charge disputes, boundary disputes.