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Information Technology

The rapid growth of the Internet and E-Commerce has made the Information Technology (IT) sector as one of the fastest growing sectors over the past decade and it has become a crucial element in today’s knowledge- driven business environment. Our firm focused on legal and commercial business needs of the IT Sector.

The Firm has diverse experience and deep understanding of cyber laws, technological and commercial developments in the sector that enable us to provide technology and strategic consulting services that are practical and result-oriented.

In Unimarks, we have the practical experience of coping with contentious and also non contentious work pertaining to cyber regulations. Our cyber regulations team features successfully symbolized clients with diverse cyber regulation related suit including cyber transgression cases, cyber following, e-IPR encroachment, on-line credit-based card frauds, on the net defamation, info thefts and so on. We at Unimarks advise our own clients about negotiation and also drafting of Information technology related legal papers, online gaming, e-IPR difficulties and render suggestions about combating hacking episodes, phishing makes an attempt, data thefts and also on-line credit-based card frauds.

We handle both contentious and non-contentious matters like:-

  • Cyber Laws related issues like Hacking, Domain Names and other Cyber Crimes
  • Protecting Brands and Ideas and Leveraging Rights in Software
  • Data Protection, Confidentiality and Information Security
  • E-Commerce Advice and Contracts
  • Software Piracy
  • Software Licensing, Development and Support and Software and Website Development Agreements
  • Legal Compliance and Regulatory Advice
  • IT related Agreements like Software License and Development Agreements, Hardware Maintenance and System Supply Agreements, access and Beta Test Agreements, Interconnect Agreements, Broadcasting / Satellite and Digital Terrestrial Agreements, Conditional Access Systems (CAS) Agreements, Server Co-Location Space Agreements, All Computer related Agreements and Commercial Agreements
  • Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation support in Technology Disputes and Site Issues