Cyber Law

Cyber law is the law governs the crimes committed within the cyberspace. The term has a very wide meaning and is not only restricted to the internet but also includes computers, computer networks, the internet, data, software etc. The crimes that are committed by using the computer as an instrument, or a target or a mean for perpetuating further crimes falls within the definition of cybercrime The increase in use of technology is not the only reason for the simultaneous growing requirement of cyber lawyers. It is also the increasing awareness among people in society and their claims against breach of laws which demands an immediate action from the expertise of law and technology. We at Unimarks, provide legal advice, attending sessions in court, drafting legal notices and agreements and initiate actions for our clients. We handle high value financial ,credit card, online & telecom frauds. We take software piracy, data theft, e-Commerce, facebook abuse, fraud related cases. We also provide Litigation Support and give Expert Opinion in Cyber Security Matters Internationally.