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How to get divorce in 30 days

How to get divorce in 30 days? Yes! you heard it right… How to get divorce in 30 days? This is the most frequently asked question by most of the client clients to their lawyers practicing Family Law. The question is pretty much like “Sir, whatever it takes I want my divorce forthwith… Can you do it?” So what the lawyers can say? I will get back onto this later but let’s just have a glimpse on the divorce law in
Important Excerpts of Tamil Nadu Land Reforms 1

Important Excerpts of Tamil Nadu Land Reforms – Act 1961

The Tamil Nadu Land Reforms (Fixation of Ceiling on Land) Act 1961 came into force on 6.4.1960. According to this, the maximum extent that one family of five members could hold was fixed as 30 (Thirty) Standard acres. For every additional member in the family, additionally five standard acre were allowed subject to a maximum of 60 (Sixty) standard acres. Any female member having stridhana property was allowed to keep up to ten standard acres (as on 2.10.1962). The Ceiling area

Rare Order – Six Months Cooling-off period in Mutual Divorce Petition waived by High Court of Gujarat

In this case, the couple married in the year 2002 and residing separately since 2008. The couple filed the petition for mutual divorce and sought to waive cool off period, The Trial Court rejected the plea on the ground that it has no such power. The couple appealed before High Court on following main grounds. The parties were residing separately more than 7 years and executed a deed of divorce to obtain customary divorce. The waiver was sought on the ground